Monday, March 21, 2011

1. Plan and Prepare (est. 30 minutes)

  • Check out the locations (using GoogleMap):
    • Coleman Bridge in New Bridge Road and Anderson Bridge, near Asian Civilisations Museum
    • Asian Civilisations Museum (
  • Plan the route with your group members
    • Where is your meeting point (Are you meeting at any MRT station)? Which is the starting point?How far is your meeting point from the starting point? How do you move from the meeting point to the starting point?
    • You will have to walk long the river, from Coleman Bridge to Anderson Bridge. 
  • Identify 3 to 5 locations/ landmarks that you could find along the way that you think are significant or of interest to your target audience.
  • Things to bring along...
    • Devices that you need to capture data (e.g. digital camera, handphone)
    • Writing materials (including sheets of papers) to document your course as you move from Coleman Bridge to Anderson Bridge
    • An umbrella with you (just in case it rains, since you are outdoor)
    • Enough money to move around and your EZ-link card for travelling
    • Umbrella for wet weather (in case it rains) as you are carrying with you electronic/ digital devices
    • Do not bring too bulky stuff, especially if it rains.
  • Remember
    • Practise Courtesy - Ask permission politely before you take pictures and video clips (e.g. of people, shop displays) or interview people. Identify yourself and inform them that you are doing data collection for an eLearning task.
      • Observe guidelines in places like Museums - check out for signs where photographs are allowed (Is flash NOT allowed?). If not sure, always check with the guards inside the musuem.
    • Safety First - Do not put yourself in any dangerous situations. Do not go to remote places. Watch for traffic when crossing the road, etc
    • Be in your best behaviour - Be gracious, considerate and polite

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