Monday, March 21, 2011

2. Data Collection

You will be collecting data in the following areas:
(A) Along Singapore River, from Coleman Bridge to Anderson Bridge
  • With the aid of GoogleMap, sketch a scaled mapping of Singapore River from Coleman Bridge to Anderson Bridge
  • Document a panoramic view of Singapore River on at least one of the bridges along the river.
  • Identify and indicate on your map 3-5 landmarks (historical buildings) along the stretch of river. 
  • Observe the sights and sounds of the present day Singapore River. Based on your observation, make inferences to explain the activities that are carried out along the river during the early days and the present day.
  • Using photographic evidences, do you think the shape course of Singapore River will change in the future? Justify your answers.
(B) Asian Civilisations Museum
  • URL:
  • From the exhibition, identify one civilisation and find out how people in the civilisation deal with their constraints
  • In your group, decide on a gallery that you wish to concentrate on: China, India or Southeast Asia.
  • From the chosen gallery,
    • Find out how their responses contribute to the social, cultural and technological changes that occured in Asia?
    • Select THREE artefacts
      • Record information of each identified artefact
        • What is the artefact? The name.
        • Photograph of the artefact
        • What is the function of this artefact?
        • Identify and describe 3 differences to its modern day version.
(C) Others
  • Take group photos (with all members) at the following locations (where the location could be easily identified through the photo). These photographs are to be included in the blog.
    • Where you start and end your journey along Singapore River Trail
    • Outside the Civilisation Museum
    • Be creative; however, remember, do NOT be engaged in any dangerous act. SAFETY FIRST.

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